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CyberArchive 1.1

CyberArchive 1.1: Data compression and archival program from Cyber Operations. compression and archival program which also serves as a demonstration for the Cyber Compression Suite and Cyber Operations` data compression services. Our service includes taking your existing data or file format and creating a matching compression algorithm for maximum optimization of the data structure. Using our large array of compression algorithms and strategies we can produce a product that far outperforms off-the-shelf compression engines

ActiveX Easy Compression Library 1.00: Fast compression and high-ratio compression toolkit with strong encryption.
ActiveX Easy Compression Library 1.00

Compression Library is a high-performance and very easy-to-use compression and encryption library. This product has everything you need to compress and encrypt files, memory buffers and strings. Key features: Compression algorithms - Wide range of compression algorithms and modes - Fastest compression levels are extremely fast - Good balanced compression levels provide both good rate and high speed - Maximum compression levels provide much better

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CompressionMaster Suite 6.30: Zip, strong encryption and streaming compression libraries for Delphi
CompressionMaster Suite 6.30

CompressionMaster Suite is the most advanced data compression library available for Delphi and C++ Builder. The Suite includes three independent data compression products: Easy Compression Library, FlexCompress and ZipForge. CompressionMaster is a complete solution for developing applications with data compression and encryption capabilities. The CompressionMaster Suite consists of: 1) FlexCompress FlexCompress is a high-speed compression library

spanning, c builder compression, multi disk, stream, encryption, delphi

ZipEnable 4.0.3: IIS 6.0 Native Compression Management & Browser Compatibility
ZipEnable 4.0.3

Compression was non-existent on IIS 4 and broken on IIS 5, but Windows Server 2003 with Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 now offers great out-of-the-box compression embedded into the core Web server code itself. ZipEnable allows you to easily get the absolute most out of IIS 6 built-in compression. While Port80 Software`s httpZip is the best ISAPI compression solution for Windows Web servers, we highly recommend that you use the internal compression

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Easy Compression Library 5.30: An easy-to-use streaming compression library with strong encryption.
Easy Compression Library 5.30

Compression Library provides a wide variety of compression algorithms, so you can obtain high speed as well as high compression ratio that make Easy Compression Library your best choice. The Easy Compression Library is a cross-platform product. There are three editions of Easy Compression Library: Delphi and C++ Builder, Kylix and ActiveX. Key Features: - A plenty of advanced compression algorithms - Unmatched ease-of-use - Fully compatible with

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Xceed Streaming Compression 1.1

Compression Library, this ultra light library doesn`t offer Zip file handling capabilities. The library offers two well-known compression algorithms to suit your application`s needs. For fast compression and decompression speeds, you can use the library`s Deflate algorithm. It`s the same one used in the industry standard zip file format and it achieves pretty good compression. For maximum compression, the popular new BZip2 algorithm (Burrows-Wheeler

FastCodec 1.0: FastCodec - free  fast lossless video codec designed for video capture.
FastCodec 1.0

compression modes: lossy (only for RGB input) and absolutely lossless. Preview decompression mode allows fast decompression with poor quality. Codec supports logging during compression/decompression. With automatic CPU detection codec may choose optimal algorithm implementation. Processor with at least MMX instructuins is requred, SSE2 support is recommeded. Compression/decompression algorithm is relatively simple with low memory usage. It can be

codec, web camera, tv tuner, free codec, video, hdtv, video compression, fast codec, video capture, directshow, capture card, lossless codec

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